Find Cheaper Ford F-250 Insurance in Boston

Insurance rates Ford F-250 in BostonLocating cheaper insurance for a new or used Ford F-250 in Massachusetts can turn out to be an all-consuming task, but you can learn our auto insurance buying tips to save time.

There are both good and bad ways to shop for auto insurance so you’re going to learn the absolute fastest way to quote coverages for your Ford and locate the best price possible either online or from Boston insurance agents.

Consumers need to compare prices before your policy renews because auto insurance rates are constantly changing. Just because you found the best premium rates on Ford F-250 insurance in Boston at your last renewal you can probably find a lower rate today. Block out anything you think you know about auto insurance because I’m going to let you in on the secrets to how to use online quotes to get good coverage on Ford F-250 insurance in Boston at a lower rate.

Do you qualify for discounts?

Companies that sell car insurance don’t always list all their discounts very well, so the list below details some of the best known and the more hidden car insurance savings.

You should keep in mind that many deductions do not apply to the entire policy premium. A few only apply to the price of certain insurance coverages like comp or med pay. Even though the math looks like it’s possible to get free car insurance, you aren’t that lucky.

The diagram below illustrates the comparison of Ford F-250 auto insurance costs with and without discounts applied to the policy premium. The premiums are based on a female driver, no accidents or driving violations, Massachusetts state minimum liability limits, full coverage, and $1,000 deductibles. The first bar for each age group shows premium with no discounts. The second shows the rates with safe-driver, multi-policy, claim-free, homeowner, multi-car, and marriage discounts applied.

Popular car insurance companies and some of the discounts can be read below.

When getting free Boston car insurance quotes, it’s a good idea to every company how many discounts you can get. Some credits may not apply in Boston. If you would like to choose from a list of insurers with significant discounts in Boston, follow this link.

The car insurance companies shown below can provide free quotes in Massachusetts. If you wish to find cheap auto insurance in Boston, MA, we recommend you visit several of them to get a more complete price comparison.

Statistics and details

The information shown next outlines detailed analysis of insurance rates for Ford F-250 models. Learning how insurance rates are formulated is important for making decisions when shopping around.

Ford F-250 Insurance Rates in Boston, MA
Model Comp Collision Liability Medical UM/UIM Annual Premium Monthly Premium
F-250 XL 2WD $222 $426 $426 $26 $128 $1,228 $102
F-250 XL Cabela Package 2WD $250 $502 $426 $26 $128 $1,332 $111
F-250 XL Super Cab 2WD $250 $502 $426 $26 $128 $1,332 $111
F-250 XLT 2WD $250 $502 $426 $26 $128 $1,332 $111
F-250 XL 4WD $250 $426 $472 $28 $142 $1,318 $110
F-250 XLT Super Cab 2WD $250 $502 $426 $26 $128 $1,332 $111
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Package 2WD $250 $502 $426 $26 $128 $1,332 $111
F-250 XL Harley Edition 2WD $250 $502 $426 $26 $128 $1,332 $111
F-250 XL Crew Cab 2WD $250 $502 $426 $26 $128 $1,332 $111
F-250 XLT 4WD $250 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,394 $116
F-250 XL Cabela Package 4WD $250 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,394 $116
F-250 XL Crew Cab 4WD $250 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,394 $116
F-250 XL Super Cab 4WD $250 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,394 $116
F-250 XL Crew Cab Cabela Package 2WD $250 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,408 $117
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Edition 2WD $250 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,408 $117
F-250 XL Turbo Diesel 2WD $250 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,408 $117
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab 2WD $250 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,408 $117
F-250 XLT Crew Cab 2WD $250 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,408 $117
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Package 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 XLT Super Cab 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 XL Harley Edition 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XL Super Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Edition 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XL Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 Lariat Super Cab 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XLT Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XL Cabela Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XLT Turbo Diesel 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 XLT Crew Cab 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 XL Super Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Edition 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 XL Cabela Turbo Diesel 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 XL Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 Lariat Super Cab 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 XL Turbo Diesel 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Edition 4WD $280 $502 $472 $28 $142 $1,424 $119
F-250 XLT Super Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XL Harley Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XLT Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 XL Crew Cab Cabela Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 Lariat Super Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $578 $426 $26 $128 $1,438 $120
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab 4WD $280 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,500 $125
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $280 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,500 $125
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Turbo Diesel 4WD $280 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,500 $125
F-250 XLT Super Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $280 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,500 $125
F-250 Cabela Crew Cab 4WD $280 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,500 $125
F-250 XL Harley Turbo Diesel 4WD $280 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,500 $125
F-250 XLT Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $280 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,500 $125
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $280 $654 $426 $26 $128 $1,514 $126
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $308 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,528 $127
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 4WD $308 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,528 $127
F-250 Lariat Super Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $308 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,528 $127
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 4WD $308 $578 $472 $28 $142 $1,528 $127
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Data assumes single female driver age 50, no speeding tickets, no at-fault accidents, $250 deductibles, and Massachusetts minimum liability limits. Discounts applied include multi-policy, homeowner, safe-driver, multi-vehicle, and claim-free. Premium costs do not factor in vehicle garaging location which can impact insurance rates greatly.

Impact of careless driving on Boston auto insurance rates

The chart below demonstrates how speeding tickets and accidents can drive up Ford F-250 auto insurance costs for each age group. The rate quotes are based on a married male driver, full physical damage coverage, $1,000 deductibles, and no other discounts are factored in.

Full coverage versus liability-only

The chart below illustrates the difference between Ford F-250 insurance prices when comparing full coverage to state minimum liability only. The costs are based on a clean driving record, no at-fault accidents, $250 deductibles, drivers are single, and no other discounts are factored in.

Guidelines for dropping full coverage

There is no set guideline of when to drop physical damage insurance, but there is a general convention. If the yearly cost of comp and collision coverage is about 10% or more of the settlement you would receive from your company, then you might want to think about dropping full coverage.

For example, let’s pretend your Ford F-250 replacement cost is $5,000 and you have $1,000 deductibles. If your vehicle is totaled in an accident, the most you would get paid by your company is $4,000 after paying your deductible. If you are currently paying more than $400 annually for physical damage coverage, then you might want to think about dropping full coverage.

There are a few cases where dropping full coverage is not in your best interest. If you still have a loan on your vehicle, you have to keep full coverage as part of the loan requirements. Also, if your savings is not enough to buy a different vehicle in the even your car is totaled, you should not consider dropping full coverage.

How Your F-250 Insurance Premiums are Determined

Many things are considered when pricing auto insurance. Some are obvious such as your driving history, although some other factors are not as apparent such as your marital status or your commute time. It’s important that you understand the factors that go into determining your policy premiums. When you know what positively or negatively controls the rates you pay, this enables informed choices that can earn you better auto insurance rates.

Your occupation and auto insurance rates – Careers like military personnel, police officers, and stock brokers generally have the highest rates due to intense work situations and lots of time spent away from family. On the flip side, jobs like professors, engineers and homemakers get better rates.

Rate your vehicle for proper use – The more miles you rack up on your Ford in a year’s time the more you’ll pay to insure your vehicle. The majority of insurers price each vehicle’s coverage based upon how much you drive. Cars that do not get driven very much cost less to insure than vehicles that are driven to work every day. An incorrectly rated F-250 is throwing money out the window. Make sure your policy reflects the correct driver usage.

Car features impact premiums – Choosing to buy a car that has an advanced theft prevention system can help lower your premiums. Theft deterrent systems like OnStar found on GM vehicles, advanced tracking like LoJack, and vehicle immobilization systems all help prevent auto theft and help lower rates.

Responsible credit scores equal low prices – Having a bad credit history will be a significant factor in determining what you pay for auto insurance. Insureds with high credit ratings tend to file fewer claims and have better driving records as compared to drivers with poor credit. If your credit rating leaves room for improvement, you could save money insuring your Ford F-250 by improving your rating.

Your address can affect price – Living in small towns and rural areas may provide you with better prices when it comes to auto insurance. Fewer drivers on the road translates into fewer accident claims and also fewer theft and vandalism claims. Drivers in populated Massachusetts areas have more road rage incidents and more time behind the wheel. More time behind the wheel can result in more accidents.

Does insurance coverage cost less for females? – The statistics show that men are more aggressive behind the wheel. However, don’t assume that men are WORSE drivers than women. They both get in accidents in similar percentages, but males have costlier accidents. Not only are claims higher, but men have more aggressive citations like reckless driving and DUI.

The diagram below shows the difference between Ford F-250 car insurance rates for male and female drivers. The price estimates are based on no accidents, no driving violations, full coverage, $1,000 deductibles, drivers are single, and no additional discounts are factored in.

Ford F-250 insurance loss data – Insurance companies use statistical claims data to calculate a rate that will offset any claims. Models that statistically have high amounts or severity of claims will cost more for specific coverages.

The table below demonstrates the historical loss data for Ford F-250 vehicles. For each policy coverage, the claim probability for all vehicles, as an average, is represented as 100. Values that are 100 or less indicate a favorable loss history, while values over 100 indicate more frequent losses or a tendency for claims to be larger.

Ford F-250 Insurance Claim Statistics
Vehicle Model Collision Property Damage Comp Personal Injury Medical Payment Bodily Injury
Ford F-250 4WD 58 97 85
Ford F-250 SuperCab 2WD 55 90
Ford F-250 SuperCab 4WD 72 118 71 48
Ford F-250 SuperCrew 2WD 75 101 125
Ford F-250 SuperCrew 4WD 86 132 176 44 44 90

Empty fields indicate not enough data collected
Statistics Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for 2013-2015 Model Years

When should I discuss my situation with an agent?

When it comes to adequate coverage, there really isn’t a “best” method to buy coverage. Coverage needs to be tailored to your specific needs.

These are some specific questions might help in determining if your situation might need professional guidance.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions but one or more may apply to you, then you may want to think about talking to a licensed insurance agent. If you want to speak to an agent in your area, fill out this quick form. It is quick, free and you can get the answers you need.

Can’t I compare rates from local Boston auto insurance agents?

Many people still like to get advice from a local agent and doing that can be a smart decision Most agents are trained to spot inefficiencies and help in the event of a claim. The biggest benefit of comparing rates online is you can get the lowest rates and still have a local agent. And providing support for local agencies is important particularly in Boston.

To help locate an agent, after submitting this simple form, the quote information is transmitted to local insurance agents that provide free Boston car insurance quotes to get your business. You won’t even need to contact an agency as quotes are delivered to you directly. If you want to compare rates from a specific insurance company, you can always find their quoting web page and submit a quote form there.

What types of auto insurance agents are in Boston?

When searching for local Boston agents, it’s important to understand the different types of agents and how they work. Insurance policy providers can be classified as either independent agents or exclusive agents. Both types can provide insurance policies, but it is important to understand how they differ because it can influence the selection process.

Independent Insurance Agencies or Brokers

Agents in the independent channel can sell policies from many different companies so they can insure your vehicles with many different companies and possibly get better coverage at lower prices. To move your coverage to a new company, they can switch companies in-house and that require little work on your part.

When comparing rates, you absolutely need to check rates from a few independent agents to have the best price comparison. Many write coverage with additional companies that you may not be familiar with which could offer lower prices.

Listed below are independent agents in Boston that can possibly get you free insurance quotes.

More insurance agents

Exclusive Agencies

Exclusive agencies can only provide one company’s prices such as Allstate, AAA, Farmers Insurance, and State Farm. Exclusive agents cannot compare other company’s rates so they have to upsell other benefits. These agents receive a lot of sales training on their products and sales techniques which helps them compete with independent agents. Some consumers prefer to use the same exclusive agent primarily because of the prominent brand name and solid financial strength.

Listed below is a list of exclusive agents in Boston who can help you get price quote information.

More insurance agents

Picking a auto insurance agent requires you to look at more than just the bottom line cost. You should also get answers to these questions.

If you get positive feedback and a good coverage price, chances are good that you have found a car insurance agent that will service your policy. Just keep in mind you are entitled to cancel a policy for any reason so never feel that you’re stuck with a policy for a certain time period.

Why insurance is not optional

Even though it can be expensive, paying for insurance is a good idea for several reasons.

The benefits of buying enough insurance definitely exceed the price paid, especially for larger claims. But the average driver in Massachusetts is overpaying over $865 each year so you should quote your policy with other companies every year to help ensure money is not being wasted.

More effort can pay off

Insureds change insurance companies for many reasons like not issuing a premium refund, unfair underwriting practices, poor customer service and being labeled a high risk driver. It doesn’t matter what your reason, finding a new company is less work than it seems.

Lower-priced insurance in Boston can be purchased both online as well as from insurance agents, and you need to price shop both to have the best selection. Some insurance providers may not provide online rate quotes and these small, regional companies sell through independent agencies.

You just read some good ideas how you can get a better price on Ford F-250 insurance in Boston. The key concept to understand is the more providers you compare, the higher the chance of saving money. Consumers may even find the biggest savings come from the smaller companies.

Steps to finding cheaper rates for Ford F-250 insurance in Boston

If you want to save money, the best way to get discount Ford F-250 insurance in Boston is to annually compare prices from insurers who provide auto insurance in Massachusetts.

  1. Read about how car insurance works and the measures you can control to keep rates down. Many policy risk factors that cause rate increases like distracted driving and a low credit rating can be amended by making minor changes in your lifestyle.
  2. Obtain price quotes from direct, independent, and exclusive agents. Direct companies and exclusive agencies can only quote rates from a single company like GEICO or State Farm, while independent agents can provide price quotes from multiple companies.
  3. Compare the quotes to your current policy and see if you can save money. If you can save some money and make a switch, make sure coverage is continuous and does not lapse.
  4. Notify your company or agent to cancel your current coverage and submit the signed application along with the required initial payment to your new agent or company. Once received, keep the new certificate of insurance in your glove compartment.

The most important part of shopping around is to try to use similar limits and deductibles on each quote request and and to get quotes from all possible companies. This provides the most accurate price comparison and plenty of rates choose from.

Additional insurance information is located at these links: